All people can apply, but that does not mean that they will receive it. For example, if you have a deportation order the judge cannot hear the bail issue, if you have a certain background, the judge will not listen to you either.

If the judge can hear you, that is, if you are not automatically disqualified, that does not mean that the judge is going to grant you, since you have to prove and you have to prove that you are not a danger, that you are going to present yourself to the court and that you qualify for some legal status.

Repeating, it can be a family petition, it can be the law of ten years, asylum, the U Visa, a special immigrant for young people, VAWA. There are options, but you have to qualify for one of those, or else the chances are that the judge is not going to let you out.

So far we have talked about under what conditions one can leave detention when it falls into the hands of immigration, but now I want to talk about what can be done today, preparing for the worst.

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When we talk about bail, in case immigration stops you, I said: if there is a deportation order, the only way to get out of detention is to apply to stop it. In the case of bail, if you qualify, the only way to get it is to apply. Well, the tests and the information, it’s the same thing in both situations; you are not a danger to the community, you are going to present yourself to the immigration court, or whatever, and you qualify for legal status.

It may be that ten years ago you entered the border, they grabbed you, they gave you a court date, but since you did not show up, they gave you a deportation order. Now, you have married an American citizen, and you want him to apply for you, what do you do? You have an order of deportation; There is a way, there is a way to fix that, but do not wait until you are arrested, because if you are Mexican, in less than a week they deported you.

So, you’ll have to explain to immigration because you have not done anything in the last ten years and why you have to give yourself another chance now. That is something that is difficult, so do not wait for that situation.

Safe and Free, includes the application, the request for both the bond, and to stop the deportation and is something that is done before, we reviewed your background, the FBI, immigration, there are six agencies other than immigration, so we go to ask for everything and we’re going to put our address, not yours, so you do not have to worry because we’re not going to tell immigration where you live, that’s not going to happen.

The idea is that, if there is something that can cause you to be arrested, or arrested, or if you have something problematic, what we want to do is learn from it and fix it, before applying to immigration. We do not want to apply and then find that you do not qualify for something you did not tell your lawyer, or you forgot.

One last point: the legal power for your children; you have to think about what happens if you are stopped, who will go to look for your children at school? because you will not get to the house. You can make a temporary decision, to do that, you can prepare for the worst. You must have the current passport of all, you have a power of attorney, what is going to happen with your bank account ?, Who has access to that, all that you have to start thinking before being arrested and we help you With all that. That’s Safe and Free, but this is the last resort in the situation where you do not qualify for a path, and in that case, we help you prepare for the worst. Because obviously, if you are married to American and she applied for you, the chance you have of being arrested will drop dramatically.

What is the Safe and Free program?


We have a program called: Safe and Free. Insurance is an identity card and this is obviously a bit bigger than the actual card, but hey, this is Nikki’s, who works for me and is a card that has the photo, it will indicate that you have a lawyer, indicates when it expires (we usually give it for a year and it is renewed every year) and in the back you have your rights.

This card, however, does not come from the government, does not give you permission to drive and does not give you work permits, but the idea is that if you stop for the police or immigration, you show it and say: “Here is my card, I have a lawyer “and back written in English and in Spanish it says:” if you are detained, you are interrogated by the police, or immigration officials read this card “, and after showing it, you can indicate what your five rights are and this is in English for the officer.

You are not going to talk to the officer, you are not going to answer any questions without your lawyer, you do not agree that they are looking for you, or you, your car, or your house and if they are going to arrest you call your lawyer and there is the phone number. The idea is to stop the investigation before they arrest you. Now, if you have your passport with you, they look for your information and they find that you have an arrest warrant, they will arrest you. So, if you have a traffic ticket, pay it, if you owe things before, or you did not show up at the court, call our office and we’ll assist you to correct that. Do not make life easy for the officer so he can arrest you, because if you are arrested you will go to jail and their immigration will be waiting for you. Do you understand me? If they catch you, you’re going to have a problem.

The first part is the card and the idea is to stop the investigation before you voluntarily give information that can lead to your arrest and your deportation. If you want copies of the cards, if you want one for yourself, simply call us and we will give you an appointment, review your options and give you a card; the first year will be free.

Now, that’s Safe and Free, you call, you get to the office, we take your picture, we interview you and we find out if you qualify for something. There are nine different ways, we are going to give you a plan and we will review the requirements for each one, to see if any of them will help you. Also, we want to see if there is something that can disqualify you, such as crimes, tickets, or other problems and I’ll give you a plan; That plan shows you what you have to do to get legal status or to prepare yourself in case of the worst, that’s A Salvo.